Our Lady Star of the Sea and St Michael’s church has many behind the scenes volunteers who help to make this not only a beautiful place of worship but also a community that cares and supports each other.

The Church is part of the Parish of Christ the Good Shepherd which includes St Mary’s Church Harrington and St Gregory’s Westfield. Therefore many of the volunteers come from the congregation of all three churches and indeed all of the churches have a dedicated cohort of volunteers.

This page contains the details of the volunteers dedicated to Our Lady Star of the Sea and St Michael to indicate the commitment and dedication of parishioners in promoting the restoration of Our Lady Star of the Sea and St Michael’s church.

Parish Prayer and Social Group

The members of the Parish Prayer and Social Group meet at 7:15 pm on the last Thursday of each month, in the Stella Maris Parish Room.

This group was formed to provide parishioners with the opportunity to deepen their spiritual life, as well as to meet socially.  Our programme is varied. As well as meeting for prayer, we enjoy social gatherings when we have a meal together, or go on an outing to the theatre or museum.  We regularly invite guest speakers to our meetings to give us specialist talks that are of particular interest to our members.  To date we have enjoyed talks on subjects as varied as the Missions, St Thomas Christians, Charity Work, Icons, Recycling, Power of Attorney, Social Work, Crime and Drug Awareness, Dementia, Guild of St Stephen, Rotary, Foreign Travel, Politics, Family History and Local History.   

Meetings are open to all parishioners.  Come along and help to enrich and develop this group!

For further information, please contact the Priory or use the CONTACT US page on this Website

OLSM Church Cleaning Team

Church cleaning at OLSM takes place every Monday afternoons (except Bank Holidays) from 1:30 – 3:30 pm.  The cleaning team consists of approximately 15 volunteers some of whom are available for duties every week while others contribute as and when they are free to do so.  Among the volunteers who carry out general cleaning duties inside the church, there are those who specialise in polishing the brasses and others who launder the altar linens.  A couple of very dedicated parishioners carry out the work of tidying up the grounds outside and tending the flowerbeds.   

What can you do to help look after your beautiful church?  Even if you cannot commit to volunteering every week your occasional support would be greatly appreciated.  This invitation is extended to all parishioners and we look forward very much to welcoming new recruits.

For further details, please contact the Priory or use the Contact Us page on this website

OLSM Gardening and ground maintenance

Currently there is a very small cohort of parishioners who contribute to the maintenance of the beautiful gardens and grounds of OLSM but as you can see even in the last days of Autumn the grounds are beautiful and a credit to them. I am sure that thewould welcome any help that you could offer – why not make it a group event and come and weed or tidy up the patio !

Again please contact the priory of you would like to help or use the Contact us page on this website.

Many more  volunteers include:-


The choir – led by a choir master and our organist a group of 12 volunteers sing at Sunday Mass 10:30 and other significant dates throughout the year.

Flower arranging in the Church

Brass Cleaning – and there is plenty!

Catechists who run the Children’s Liturgy, The Marriage Preparation Courses, Baptism , First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Volunteers who are  Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, run the Uniformed Groups, the Workington Stella Maris Group and the fundraising group attached to it. The Buildings and Finance Committee, The Parish Council   …. the list goes on