Fundraising – how much will it cost?

Just a little note of explanation /update from this weeks Parish Newsletter. 29th September 2019

As you are aware OLSM church is on the English Heritage “At Risk” register and needs a great deal of money spent on essential and structural repairs, A group of volunteers are working closely with me to source and apply for various grants, in a very competitive market. Each application take a great deal of time and work. to be eligible for many grants we have to contribute a percentage towards the cost of the repairs. We must be seen to raise money and “ear mark” it for these repairs. Money raised by the WSMP Group, together with any grants received, frees up money in the parish account enabling us to fund repairs to our other two churches and the rest of our parish property. I would like to thank all our parishioners who give their time and energy to our parish in anyway whatsoever.

Canon Watson

So how much will it cost for this restoration project?  

We need to raise at over  ONE MILLION POUNDS !!

Original estimates are no longer viable as much of the cost was reliant on the work being done at the same time ! However since the original application to the Heritage Lottery Fund was rejected we have been advised to apply for smaller amounts which means breaking the work down into smaller projects . This in it’s self creates problems and added expense – hiring scaffolding more than once etc.

It is hoped that the bulk of this money can be raised by applying to various funders including Heritage Lottery Fund.  However the deadlines for these applications are variable and the applications require huge amounts of time and skill from a handful of volunteers.  The Group is determined to maintain and keep the sacred space which is a challenge as many funders criteria includes opening the spaces to wider communities. ( One of the reasons we would like to create a “Virtual Tour” so that anyone can enjoy the church.

For this reason is it crucial that we as a parish come together to raise as much awareness and funds for this project.  We Need your help !!

When applying to these larger funders many set criteria that we have to raise a percentage of the money locally! For this reason it is important to raise money locally which can be ring fenced for the Stella Maris Project.

We understand that many of you give generously to the Parish as a whole  and this is vital for the upkeep of the whole parish. We can draw on parish funds as we have in the past to “top up” any shortfalls from money raised – which was the case with the heating. However we cannot use Parish reserves indefinitely as they are dwindling. 

It is for this reason that we ask that you donate into the envelopes and mark them WSMP or into the box in the porch marked WSMP.

 We have already started some fundraising initiatives… 

See the events pages and local fundraising 

Check out our thermometer on funds secured so far !  Local Fundraising for the Whole Project